Plain Roti, Avacado Roti & Spinach Roti - Fresh cooked round flatbread made with wheat flour. 

Parantha, Meethi Parantha, Aloo Parantha & Mix Veg. Parantha - Fresh round flatbread cooked in a light layer of oil with various stuffings.

Butter Naan & Garlic Naan (V) - Oven-baked flatbread with various seasonings.

Butter: $35 (15 ppl small) $70 (30 ppl large) 

Garlic: $40 (15 ppl small) $80 (30 ppl large) 

Papadum (V)  - A thin, crisp, round flatbread, made with rice flour seasoned with cumin and black pepper.

Price: $30 (15 ppl small) $60 (30 ppl large)

Image by Gayatri Malhotra