Our Response to COVID-19

Safety First

How we're taking Action to Prevent the spread of COVID 19

Hand Washing Every 30 Minutes

Mask Protocol

Sanitizable Containers

We have stepped up our protocol and each employee is required to wash their hands  at a minimum of every 30 minutes

Everyone at our kitchen is provided with masks and are required to wear a mask at all times. 

We are going to be using containers that will be sanitized before you come to pick your food up

Contactless Delivery and Pickup

Orders are Cooked in Small Batches

Use of Gloves and Face Shields

Contactless delivery and pickup is available for all orders

All of our orders are cooked individually and in smaller batches to help ensure the food is more fresh and safe

Every employee is required to change their gloves per order and wear them while handling food. They are also now required to wear face shields at all times